Casa Ornella


Casa Ornella, where design lives Maria Vittoria Paggini opens the doors to her "nomad house", a gallery ‘particulier’ previewed at Milan Design Week 2023.

“I was wrong so many times till this point and I already know it that today almost certainly I am wrong on your behalf but one more time what can change in my life accept this strange date was madness”

…the notes of the famous song hover between the rooms in Casa Ornella which in homage to Ornella Vanoni was thus baptized. Perhaps because the designer Maria Vittoria Paggini, the lady of the house and creative mind of the gallery loves listening to the singer's vinyls while drawing. ‘Matters of inspiration,’ has created a creativity seen unfolding throughout the apartment,

It would not be such a crazy idea to accept the date to visit this extraordinary place, where interiors meet design and art in a composite enveloping dialogue, moreover a kaleidoscopic experience. Casa Ornella opens in Milan, from April 17 to April 22 in the 5vie district. Allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an eclectic world where chromatic rhythm dictates the rules.

Indeed, Casa Ornella reflects Maria Vittoria Paggini’s creative vision that desecrates the conventional stylistic features of both the private home and exhibition space, merging them into a marriage of potential of objects and inspiration.

Thus a place was born to live and share with designers, artists, stylists and free thinkers. People who love to experiment, invent and create what is new, in a layering of inspiration and languages.

The interior design project signed by the designer thus becomes a scenic backdrop where creativity is celebrated, giving life to a contemporary wunderkammer.

Maria Vittoria Paggini's design studio, as a matter of fact starts from art deco architectural references reaching in modern lifestyle trends. Furnishings and accessories define an immersive and evocative place, giving a unique personality to the rooms. In a succession of shapes, fabrics, lights and materials, where chromatism becomes an expressive and exciting fil rouge.

“I believe in a house that conveys emotion, a house that lives and lives again, where colours follow the rhythm of the mood. Never a project for its own sake, but an emotional journey that reminds you that every day you are inside your journey” Maria Vittoria Paggini.

Maria Vittoria Paggini, a designer of Tuscan origins, is an inherent life traveller. She unearths her visions and inspirations by constant movement between different places and scenarios. Connecting emotions, colours and textures in a nomadic free approach that interchanges product design to complete furnishing in private and representative spaces.