Maria Vittoria Paggini


Design, the expression of instinct, travel and colour

Maria Vittoria Paggini is a traveller of life and interiors. She explores visions and inspirations by continuously changing places and settings, merging emotions, co- lours and textures with a free and nomadic approach that alternates product design and the complete furnishing of private and representative spaces.

Born in 1986, she grew up in Arezzo, Tuscany, approa- ching the world of creativity and high-profile design at a very young age in the family’s goldsmith business. Here she began to express her passion for matter and its infi- nite chromatic options, developing the experiential and multi-sensory aesthetics, which shape and mould every figure and configuration designed by her.

She invents forms, works with craftsmen, develops ideas and collections, transforming her instincts into concrete and extremely organised designs. This is her typical trait, which she brings into the world of design with an independent spirit underpinned by profound technical expertise.

Her working method has no rules, and is always personally experienced.

Maria Vittoria steps into rooms, explores them intimately and in barely a few moments pictures the life of people who will inhabit them.

In her narratives, uniqueness stems from old-fashioned romanticism, from natural poetics the designer shares with both people and environments, always carefully selecting both factors.

Her ongoing dialogue leans towards warmth, joy and the sense of belonging we feel towards places we choose to use and inhabit, f rom urban interiors to showrooms, f rom residential dwellings to retail spaces.

In the hands of Maria Vittoria, each interior becomes a new stylistic path, a new emotional journey, enlivened by fluid and subtle contrasts of solid geometries and soft fabrics, transparent nuances and bright colours, light lines and substantial volumes. The value of tactile and visual elegan-

ce pervades an essential, sophisticated and actual dimension, marked by exclusive trends and details, harmonious combinations and unique items, suspended in space and time.

Relationships with customers, and understanding their expectations, translates into a continuous and meticulous exchange with Italian craftsmen, who are called upon to mill glass, forge steel, cut and sculpt wood, infusing Maria Vittoria’s instincts into the innovative thinking process and products typical of her vibrant visions, objects and custom designs. The outcome is a distinctive balance between classical, modern and contemporary.